Year End Riders

Human Need for Companionship and Love: A snap decision made by a restless young woman and the willingness of the young man to go along with her request - in that moment, the dice is cast and their lives may never be the same again. In “Year End Rider” I felt as though I were riding with them on the back of the motorbike, getting a glimpse of their dysfunctional lives while they ride from Chicago to Miami, all the while hoping and wishing that good luck would prevail. A very enjoyable, albeit too short a story, a perfect complement to Mansour’s “From Stardust to Auburn Hair” and “Café Barrie”. - Amazon Reader

Short stories don't come any better: You won't stop reading this book until you finish and then you will be left asking for more. Great work Maher Mansour. Looking forward to the next one. - Amazon Reader

Café Barrie

A Gem of a Story: Maher Mansour is a story teller 'par excellence.' Since reading his first short story “From Stardust to Auburn Hair,” I have been anxiously awaiting the author’s latest publication. And, it did not disappoint. “Café Barrie” delivers what it promises: ‘An endearing, sometimes funny, yet ultimately heartrending, short story about the pains of coming of age.’ It’s a gem of a short story, a little masterpiece, written with such verve and style, it's a pleasure to recommend. Can’t wait for the next story in the series. Love the book cover, too! - Amazon Reader

A Must Read for All: What. A. Read!!! Never have I ever been so heartbroken over the speed with which the ending came! It was such an incredible read written by a masterful mind in Maher Mansour. The thoughts projected by the protagonist were simply fantastical and tortuous in nature, yet their raw appeal made it so easy to empathize with the poor bastard! This short story truly provides a real and grounded insight into the mind of a 20-year old boy who suffers from all the same insecurities we used to or still do suffer from. - Amazon Reader

From Stardust to Auburn Hair

A Wonderfully Mystical Story: This is a wonderful short story that combines mysticism, drama, and romance beautifully. The characters are fascinating especially in the tension caused by their opposing beliefs. I would have loved more of this story, as well, although I also appreciate the intriguing mystery that the ending creates. I highly recommend reading this story and look forward to more "shorties" written by Mr. Mansour. - Amazon Reader

A Touching, Romantic Story: There is chemistry between Richard and Aurora, but not the kind of chemistry you'd expect between a man and a woman, and yet, From Stardust to Auburn Hair is a charming love story that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Well written in a fluid style, the author tells a story of magic and mystery in a real world, with a little eye-opening message to us all. So, grab a cup of tea/coffee and take a break from your daily routine and immerse yourself in this delightful tale. I highly recommend it. - Amazon Reader