Year End Riders: Two strangers cross paths on a bitter winter morning in Chicago- the man, a Syrian-American who had left his homeland but failed to make a decent living in America; the woman, an abused and tormented nobody from Nebraska. In a final act of desperation, he leaves his petty existence behind and gets on the move. On a whim, she escapes from the prison of her old demons and joins him. They mount the saddle of a motorcycle and ride south. The running away part is easy enough. But will it be as easy to ever break free? A short story about unfulfilled dreams, precarious beginnings and a newborn love struggling to survive.

Café Barrie: A college student’s struggle with the insecurities of growing up and the anxieties of living life on the sidelines makes him fall victim to voyeurism and daydreaming. He spends most of his time in a café, gazing at women and conjuring sexual fantasies about them, in which he inevitably plays the leading role of hero or heartbreaker. When the new barista, Celeste, arrives on the scene, his life is turned upside down. Falling in love in the real world may be the unnerving dream that finally pulls the trigger on his delusional exploits, but only if Celeste loves him back. An endearing, sometimes funny, yet ultimately heartrending, short story about the pains of coming of age.

From Stardust to Auburn Hair: When a witch falls in love with a man of science, anything can happen, and it does. "From Stardust to Auburn Hair" is an enchanting short story that ventures into the fabric of time, unfolds it then folds it back again. An affair of the heart and mind, spiced with a pinch of the occult and a dash of imagination, brings two very different people together in what could end up in tragedy or last forever.